Consultation Session

Two Hour Consultation Session: R480

If you are planning to take care of your wedding arrangements yourself and need some recommendations, guidance and advice, this is the perfect option for you!

Should you decide to let us take over your arrangements at a later stage, the cost of the Consultation Session will be deducted from your quotation.

If you are not in the Cape Town area (overseas or in other parts of South Africa), we can have this consultation meeting via skype, or via e-mail.

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  • The Cronje Coordinations Checklist will be used to determine which items has already been taken care of, and what still needs to be sorted out in order for you to have a successful wedding day.
  • We will make sure that all your arrangements already made has been dealt with correctly, and also provide recommendations regarding future arrangements.
  • We will discuss your perfect wedding and strategies on achieving it, conceptualize your style and personality, all whilst keeping in mind your religious requirements as well as lighting, colour and texture.
  • Cronje Coordinations will provide you with guidance, alternative ideas, recommend service providers and provide approximate costs for all required items.
  • Upon completion of the Consultation Session we will adjust the Cronje Coordinations Checklist (which also acts as a time-line) with all your information and e-mail it to you for future use.